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UC San Diego Health System January 2014
Focus on Health
  UCSD patients at a shared medical appointment

Shared appointments: The doctor will see you and you and you now…

Unlike the traditional, one-on-one doctor visit, "shared appointments" bring together several patients with a physician to discuss and treat conditions and concerns held in common. The approach helps patients to get appointments faster, spend more time with doctors and learn from the experiences of others. UC San Diego is a leader in this emerging healthcare practice.

Covered CA

One place has you covered

If you’re looking for healthcare insurance through the state’s new exchange and want access to UC San Diego Health System, there’s a plan for you - four, in fact.

Artificial retina neuron

A sight to behold

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed an incredibly tiny, nano-based artificial retina they say may be capable of restoring sight in unprecedented detail.


6 ways to relax inside an MRI machine
Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines are wondrous devices…once you get past those loud “thumps in the tight.”

Steve Gonias Be patient. Genome sequencing coming soon
Q&A with Dr. Steven Gonias

Genome sequencing may one day be a part of your visit to the doctor. Steven Gonias of the Department of Pathology in the UC San Diego School of Medicine explains why sequencing is important, especially for cancer patients.      

  The Body Gaudy

Padded muscle
A well-muscled human form makes a pretty picture. At the microscopic level, the picture is pretty interesting too. 


Fun Fact

Dr. Simon Schenk

A breath of fresh air

Meet the grandmother who underwent UC San Diego Health System’s 3,000th pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, a dramatic surgery to clear the lung's arteries of breath-robbing
scar-like tissue.

How to Video

Making the most of MyUCSDChart

With MyUCSDChart, you can talk with your doc, review test results, request appointments and much, much more. This video will help get you started.


Over the Counter

Now available without
a prescription

How does a drug once available only with a doctor’s written recommendation find itself easily accessible on store shelves?


Research roundup

A possible new way to attack the parasite that causes malaria, how the flu virus snips through protective mucus and using water to visualize brain anatomy before surgery.


In the News

"I could feel his heart:" Organ donor families bond with recipients after transplants
NBC News

Total Smoking Bans Work Better Than Halfway Measures
U.S. News & World Report

More tiny preemies survive, but may face lifelong challenges

Upcoming Events

January 27, 2014
Meet Our Midwives Program (optional tour)
UC San Diego Medical Center

February 6, 2014
Heart Health,
Free public seminar
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

February 26, 2014
Breast Cancer Patient Education and Support
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

March 6, 2014
The Aging Athlete
Free public seminar
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

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  Corner Clinic: Answers from our physicians

Clinic Corner
L-R: Daniel Sewell, Taylor Doherty, Lisa Stellwagen

1. The holidays are over, and I’m depressed. What do I do?
2. When should I take an antihistamine versus a decongestant?
3. Why is my baby turning yellow?


Recipe: Vitamin D-licious

Sunshine and supplements aren’t the only ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D. There are tastier options. Here are three recipes that put the “D” in diet.

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