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UC San Diego Health System July 2014
Focus on Health

Tummy Troubles: A Story of Intestinal Multitude

Ever have that gut feeling you’re not alone? You aren’t. Trillions of microbes reside within your intestinal tract, for good and ill. UC San Diego scientists and physicians are discovering new ways to emphasize the former and prevent the latter.

mom and baby

Modern Women, Older Moms

While increasing numbers of women are delaying motherhood until their late-30s and 40s, human biology keeps its own timetable, creating specific challenges to successfully becoming an older first-time mom. Fertility specialists at UC San Diego Health System employ the latest technologies to help, including procedures and tests offered nowhere else in the county.


Fingernails Point to Rare Disease

After mysteriously losing her hair and sense of taste, a working mother of two visited William Sandborn, MD, who conducted a series of tests, then noticed her fingernails were painted. It was the key to diagnosing a very rare disease.


9 Reasons Why Eating Right Makes Good Senses
Experts say eat vegetables, drink milk and have an apple with that tuna fish sandwich. It’s good advice to hear, see, taste, touch and smell.

Dr. Joseph Vinetz

Q&A with: Joseph Vinetz, MD

Healthy Travels
Vacations abroad are not supposed to be trips to the hospital. Find out how to travel safely and healthfully from a travel medicine specialist, including tips on needed vaccinations and packing your medications.

  The Body Gaudy

Raise an Eyebrow
We’re born mite-free, but by adulthood, almost all of us have several hundred microscopic mites hunkering down in the follicles of our eyebrows and eyelashes. If that’s not enough to get your skin crawling, you should know mites are related to spiders.


Fun Fact

Moving Pictures

Athletic Dad with Pancreatic Cancer Survives; Now Thrives

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a father of three wasn't sure he’d live long enough to see his sons grow up. Almost four years later, he’s spending active quality time with his family thanks to experts at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

How to Video

Reality Bites: Coping With Spiders, Snakes and Other Critters

San Diegans love summer, including local residents with more than two legs – or less. Experts from UC San Diego’s Department of Emergency Medicine and the San Diego Natural History Museum discuss what to do if spiders, snakes, bees and rays get close and painful.


Over the Counter

When Drugs Go Bad
Drugs have a shelf life. Make that, a health life. They decay, lose potency, sometimes even cause new problems when they get too old. Learn how to spot a drug gone bad, and what to do about it.


Research roundup

A geographic source of Kawasaki disease found blowing on the winds, an old drug reverses autismlike symptoms in mice and how cells get their neighbors to take out the mitochondrial trash.


In the News

Gene Discovery Points to Safer, More Effective Strep Vaccine

Bursts of Light Create Memories, Then Take Them Away

Low Vitamin D Tied to Premature Death
New York Times

Upcoming Events

July 13, 2014
Natural Healing & Cooking Program
Downtown Family Health & Wellness

July 16, 2014
Fighting Cancer with Food & Activity
Moores Cancer Center

July 23, 2014
Newborn Care
UC San Diego Medical Center

August 2, 2014
19th Annual Brian Schultz Memorial Golf Classic
Moores Cancer Center

August 7, 2014
Prevention: Adult Screenings and Vaccines
Moores Cancer Center

August 17, 2014
21st Annual Luau and Legends of Surfing Invitational
Scripps Pier, La Jolla

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  Corner Clinic: Answers From Our Physicians

Clinic Corner
L-R: Tahir Bhatti, Gordon Saxe, Jeanne Lee

1. Is there a best way to breathe?
2. Why does grilling meat make it carcinogenic, but not grilling vegetables?
3. How should I treat a burn?


Recipes: Health(ier) Summer Grilling

You can smell it in the air: It’s the season of the backyard barbeque. But there are health concerns. Here are some recipes that capture the thrill of the grill with less chance of the ill.

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