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UC San Diego Health System March 2014
Focus on Health

E-Cigarettes: The Questions Still Burn

Where there’s no smoke, there’s still ire – and significant health concerns. E-cigarettes and hookahs are popularly perceived to be safer alternatives to traditional tobacco products, but experts are skeptical at best and worry that we’re creating a new public health problem.

Pregnant woman

Happy Feet

Fetal kick-counting has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of stillbirth. It’s a simple count: 10 kicks in 60 minutes or less. Learn from an expert how to properly conduct a fetal kick-counting session and possibly save your unborn child’s life.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Kindest Cut May Be No Cut At All

Minimally invasive surgery involves fewer and shorter incisions, which can translate into less pain, shorter hospital stays and reduced scarring. From appendectomies to pancreatic surgery, you’ll be surprised at the body parts that can be reached, treated or removed with hardly a slice of the surgeon’s knife.


10 Medical Symptoms You Should Not Ignore
Listen to your body. Sometimes it’s trying to tell you something is wrong – very, very wrong.

Dr. Shira Varon Treating Uterine Fibroids
Q&A with Shira Varon, MD

One in four women will experience uterine fibroids – noncancerous growths in the uterus – in their lifetime. The only 100 percent effective treatment is a hysterectomy. Shira Varon, MD, of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, talks about a promising alternative.

  The Body Gaudy

A Hairy Death
Programmed cell death is essential to life, but it’s not pretty. As a cell dies and breaks up, it creates lumpy extrusions called “blebs,” which aren’t as good-looking as they sound.


Fun Fact

Moving Pictures

Saving Daniella

When Daniella’s life was threatened by a severe aneurysm, the 6-year-old was brought to the comprehensive stroke center at UC San Diego Health System. A multidisciplinary team and approach saved her life, allowing a little girl with a big smile to return home, happy and healthy.

How to Video

Inside the Emergency Room

Hospital emergency rooms can be daunting, even scary, places. No one wants to take a trip, but almost everyone at some point will find themselves in an ER, either as a patient or visitor. Get an inside look at the Hillcrest emergency room and the comprehensive care and treatment options offered.


Over the Counter

Food for Naught
Why grapefruit isn’t a great fruit when you’re taking some medications – a primer on drug interactions with foods, drinks, supplements and other drugs.


Research roundup

The brain of a famous amnesiac yields new evidence, scientists discover more genetic forms of neurodegeneration and why some smokers don’t think of themselves as smokers.


In the News

How the brain takes criticism
CBS Sunday Morning

Doctors treat deep brain tumor with novel MRI-guided laser technology
Medical Xpress

Too much sitting after 60 may lead to disability, study says
msn Healthy Living

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March 19, 2014
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UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

March 22, 2014
Women’s Wellness Day
UC San Diego campus

March 27, 2014
Fertility Seminar
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

April 3, 2014
All Ears
Free public seminar
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

April 28, 2014
Meet Our Maternity Team
UC San Diego Medical Center

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  Corner Clinic: Answers From Our Physicians

Clinic Corner
L-R: Jim Sallis, Dena Rifkin, Beatrice Golomb

1. Can exercise make me smarter?
2. Should I worry that my blood pressure fluctuates?
3. Can I significantly lower my cholesterol level by diet alone?


Recipe: Great Grains

Everybody needs fiber in their diet. It’s a whole lot more interesting and tasty with grains like spelt, quinoa and faro. Try these three recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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